Application Hosting for Drupal

The Drupal content management system is also written in the PHP scripting language and supports databases of various kinds. Originally designed by a Belgian computer scientist, the CMS is now looked after by a huge developer and user community around the globe. Application Hosting for Drupal is in this case used mainly for the development of communities.

More content management systems are often used as an application hosting for example, the appropriate websites for small Redaxo, the Moodle used as e-learning system or the extensive Contao.

Application Hosting for Blogs

Content management systems can be used for blogs. A blog is a special form of a website, which is run by the creator as a diary by again always new entries which are added. Especially in recent years, this form of web pages has become increasingly popular. Meanwhile, there are a vast number of blogs on almost any topic.

Application Hosting for WordPress

The most popular and most widely used application for creating a blog is the content management system WordPress. This is particularly characterized by its flexibility and ease of operation. Even beginners can use it in just a few steps, creating compelling web content. Therefore, many application hosting providers from our comparison provide special WordPress Hosting packages.

Application hosting for forums

Community forums or discussion forums provide a platform available for the internet visitors for the exchange of opinions and experiences which can be used. The communication is usually a time lag that users are always able to respond to discussions that interest them, or create new topics. There are forums that specialize on specific topics or simply general forums where about anything can be written. It is used for creating your own free forum software.

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