Different types of application hosting

When hosting different applications can be used. Depending on the desired result they may be, for example, content management systems, special blog software, community forums, or internet shop.

Application Hosting for CMS

A Content Management System, or CMS also called, is a software application that is used for creating, editing and managing content. On websites texts and multimedia files such as images or videos can thus be published. A major advantage of content management systems is that different users may edit the content through a graphical interface with different permissions. Thus, for example, require authors to create new content, not programming skills. Another advantage is the good performance, even for large data sets, as they are called in fully dynamic systems only when the specific query is from a database.

There is a huge number of different content management systems. Companies often use specially designed software which was specifically tailored to their claims. In addition, there are popular open sources CMS that can be used by anyone free of charge.

Application hosting for TYPO3

TYPO3 is a work based on the scripting language PHP content management system that was designed by a Danish web designer and is already more than 15 years developed from a worldwide user community. Many features of the CMS can be integrated with most free extensions. Application hosting for TYPO3 is widespread, especially in the German-speaking market.

Application Hosting for Joomla

Joomla is a content management system for dynamic content, which is written in PHP and uses MySQL 5 databases. This Joomla emerged from the CMS Mambo more than 10 years ago and can rely on a strong online community that is committed to continuous development and the publication of numerous templates and extensions. Application Hosting for Joomla is frequently used worldwide.

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